Our retail baked shop in Bayside closed Feb. 2014. We are no longer taking custom orders, thank you for checking our website!


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XOXO Jenny, Founder & Cake Stylist


Fashionably Sweet Cupcakes

There are many dessert fashion designers — Hot Coco Chanel, Diane von Frosting-berg, Dolce & Gabbana Split — but none produce creative confections like Cupcakes in Heels. You’ll feel right at home in the couture bake shop, where the menu feels like it’s been imported from the shoe department at Saks. Not only are they delicious to taste, but they’re also beautiful to behold — allowing you to dress your plate as well as your palate (LivingSocial)



View our custom cakes and cupcakes at our Facebook photo gallery here!


“the Designer” 2014 cupcake flavours (minimum 18 per flavour, or minimum 4 dozen baby cupcakes (regular cupcake price minus $1))

“the Cartier” Mini Pumpkin Cheesecake (minimum 18 @ $4 each)
Mini pumpkin cheesecake with crust with vanilla whipped cream    

“the Tiffany” Mini Blueberry Cheesecake (minimum 18 @ $4 each)
Mini cheesecake with crust, topped with blueberry and syrup and a little of vanilla whipped cream       

“the Audrey Hepburn” Mini Present Cakes (minimum 4 @ $30 each)
3” Tiffany Blue, Lavender & Pink Fondant Present red velvet Cake, boxed and ribbon

“the Princess Diana” Mini Heart Cakes (minimum 4 @ $25 each)
4” Heart Cake with tiffany blue, lavender & pink buttercream ruffles, flower fondant topper, boxed and ribbon

“the Grace Kelly” Cake in a Jar (minimum 18 @ $5 each)
Red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting in a jar, with spoon on the side, boxed and tied with ribbon

“the Marie Antoinette” Cake pops (minimum 18 @ $3.25 each unwrap, $3.75 wrap & ribbon)
Red velvet dipped in white chocolate & strawberry dipped in dark chocolate cake pops with flower toppers, wrapped individually, boxed and tied with ribbon

“the Paris” French Macarons (minimum 12 per flavour @ $2.50 each)
French Macarons with mini fondant flowers in trio box, tied with ribbon *contain almond nuts *gluten free

“the London” Ispahan French Macaron (minimum 8 @ $18 each)
Large Lychee Rose Raspberry Macaron, boxed and tied with ribbon  *contain almond nuts *gluten free




“the Designer” 2014 cupcake flavours: (minimum 18 per flavour, or minimum 4 dozen baby cupcakes (regular cupcake price minus $1)) For gluten-free or vegan cupcakes, please add $1 to each cupcake.

“the Alexander McQueen” Tres Leches  $3.75 each
Tres Leches cupcakes with dulce de leche buttercream

“the Blahnik” Cookies n Cream $4 each
Cookies n cream cupcakes with cookies n cream frosting, topped with cookie crumbs and mini cookie

“the Burberry” Strawberry $4 each
Strawberry cupcakes, filled with fresh strawberries, frosted with vanilla whipped cream

“the Louboutin” Red Velvet $3.50 each
Red velvet cupcakes with our signature creamy frosting

“the Jimmy Choo” Pistachio $4 each
Pistachio cupcakes with whipped pistachio frosting *contain pistachio nuts

“the Coco Chanel” Vanilla $3.50 each
Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream

“the Louis Vuitton” Chocolate $3.75 each
Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream, topped with shaved chocolate

“the Hermes” Carrot $4 each
Carrot cupcakes with our signature creamy frosting *contain walnuts

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